Thursday, September 03, 2009

LAMBRA Road Race Championship Sept 12-13

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This is a reminder about the upcoming LAMBRA Road Race Championship Sept 12-13 and to serve notice that ONE DAY LICENSES WILL BE ALLOWED. This allowance is granted by special dispensation by the LAMBRA Administrator. However, racers participating under a one day license will be ineligible for points and championship medals. Please see Championship Eligibility for details in the rules.

Looking forward to seeing you at Natchez State Park.

Allen Richard
Chris Trippe

8B. Championship Eligibility

8B1. Championships are open only to riders who hold USA Cycling rider annual licenses and meet other qualifications stated in these rules. International licenses are not required to compete in National Championships.

(a) State championships are open only to USCF, UCI Men‟s Continental, or UCI Women‟s Team members who are USA citizens or permanent residents and reside in the state as shown on their licenses. Riders who, at any time in the current year have been members of Men‟s UCI Pro Teams and Professional Continental Teams may not enter these races. (b) National Championships for Junior 17-18, Under 23, and Elites may be entered only by riders who are USA Citizens or are members in the US Armed Forces. (c) Regardless of any general rule pertaining to National Championship eligibility, any National Championship that is a direct qualifier for the World Championships or Olympic Games may only be entered by riders who are eligible under international regulations to enter those events as part of the U.S. team.

8B2. At the option of the Administrators, State Championships may include riders who are ineligible for the championship but championship medals will be awarded only to riders who are eligible.

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