Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Guru Bicycles star "Viktor Zyemtsev" Wins Ironman Louisville, KY


Great news: Viktor Zyemtsev beat out some tough competitors yesterday to win IM Louisville in record time. Once again, the custom Crono makes a difference during and after the ride: he ran an impressive 2:43:49 marathon after putting in a smooth, top 5 bike leg. Proof once again that a Guru bike, first and foremost, is about precision serving performance.

We are happy to have Viktor on our side; the guy is a throw-back. Take a look at his last e-mail to us last week:

Hi Roberto!
I'll start IM Louiseville this weekend. I stiil don't have my race-suit from my sponsor. Can you send me a logo, that I can print off and iron on to my race-suit. I would buy special paper at Wal-Mart, to print the logo on to. Then use this paper to Iron on to my race suit. Do you think this would work?

Priceless. We’re glad it worked, Viktor. Please join us in congratulating him.


Rob Rossi

p.s. Though you shouldn’t reproduce any of the photos featured on-line – we are working to buy-out an appropriate bike shot – feel free to spread the good news to your customers.

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