Tuesday, December 19, 2006

While I have been out with a pulled tendon in my right shoulder rotator cup, I haven't been riding for almost 1 1/2 months now. BREC put on a MTB race last weekend and I went their to help out and turn some free wrenching and supply some heat (burner for warmth). The morning started out around 30 degrees. Needless to say, Matt Marrero and I signed up to race. Just arrived Friday before the race, Pp now has a helmet cam from Vio-Sport. It malfunctioned at the starting line of Sport class and by the second lap I could not take it. I pulled over in first place for a pit stop to fix the camera, Billy and Christian pulled the camcorder from my backpack to fix it and I'd be back for the 3rd lap pit stop ready to tape the last lap. 3rd lap problem fixed and this is what it looks like riding the BREC Comite side at race pace, at least mine. /Users/scottmackey/Desktop/brec mtb 121006.2.mov

Monday, October 02, 2006

I have a lot more pictures. If you want to see them all, come by PedalPlay and I'll have them rolling on the TV screens!

I'm back from Interbike in Vegas and all I can say is I'm glad to be back. My head is still spinning from all the professional athletes walking around, to all the latest bicycle bells and whistles for 2007. Carbon is still the buzz with Ti still hanging in there. Campy has dropped about a 1/2 pound off their record grouppo. They did it mostly with their 2 piece cranks with outer bearings, and their new brakes. I got pics with Melissa Gaul(pro mtbr), just won a big MTB race. I got to talk to her and get a pic at kona's fundraising bowling thing. Kona raised a lot of money for IMBA (save our trails!). I saw George Hincapi, Tom Danielson, Levi Liphimer, and a bunch of others, as always, the kona pros are always so cool to hang out with! I saw a 7 1/2 pound messenger single speed bike, wow. Guru had to have stolen the show with their paint, and new fitting system (it's on order)(both). Cool carbon cranks, front chainrings, were everywhere, really nice. So here are some of the pics. Sorry for the delay Clay and Billy. This year I went with Tre' Haydel and Brad Champagne, Tre' is an all around good MTBr, Road, and huck kind of guy, while Brad has been ripping up the streets and ramps, parks with his 20". We went to the dirt demo and had a real good time. I must say that the Kona Hei Hei with only 2 1/2" of travel climbed all the way up the gravel road the best. I got to try my hand at riding a 29r Kona hardtail. The 29r is different, good but different. Remember the good old saying of ride new trails slow at first. Remind me that next time. The 29r does 5 ft drop offs great. I was just riding along, and all the sudden...
We also went to some video premier (Kranked 7, NWD 7) shows at some crazy bars with go-go girls in cages. We met up with the guys from dirt road bikes and Capital, and all had a great time. Some had better times than others, to say the least, Matt knows how to spray a bar like raid... ask Matt V. for details, it was well....Matt. I thought I had the most tricked out bike (Colnago C50) at almost $15,000 invested and 14 LBS. BMC's time trial bike retails for $17,500. O well, at least mine's lighter...Intense has a new Spider Pro that is 1 LB lighter than last year's model. They also have camo paint jobs that look really cool. Fi'zik has a new carbon saddle with a clear gel insert with flex wings on the sides. O Gravity has a new polished brake and a new TI version brake that looked really sweet.