Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the newsstands today's is the MBA Cannondale Guide...I mean...Buyer's Guide ! Cannondale scores huge with 9 bikes all with fret comments and images!

Rush 3

"This bike has been picked as a favorite of endurance racers who want a racy bike with more comfort than a XC bike. This bike's lightweight and responsiveness will leave a number of longer travel trailbike wondering what just flew past them!"

Prophet 5 1FG

Adjustable geometry, 5.5 A simple bike that

inches of travel and a light- that challenges and rewards

weight aluminum frame.

Caffeine 2

"One fast bike"

Scalpel Team Replica

"Built to handle the rigors of World Cup XC racing"

Taurine Carbon 1

" A hint of retro and a slash of sass with combination of a carbon fiber hardtail frame and Cannondale Headshox and carbon fiber SI cranks.

Judge DH Replica

Mick Hannah took the top podium spot in his first season aboard this bike

Perp 2

"A versatile black diamond rig" with "a nimble trailbike feel"

Chase 1

Inspired by Aaron Chase

Monday, February 05, 2007

Health Net Training Camp Video!