Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's time to start packing for interbike! As I sit here typing up this blog. I'm thinking of all the years I've been going to interbike, what a trip. I loaded all the appointments and siminars into the PDA, It will be wide open trying to do everything, see everything. I can't wait...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm back at PedalPlay as of Monday. Wow, what a trip, I think It was better than last year! The trails are getting better, we are branching out and trying new trails, and we are tripping at how beautiful the landscape of this state is. One things for sure is, be prepared to climb. The best views, the best trails are usually at the top of an hour or two at the top. Trust me, it's worth the pain. Believe it or not, I axially got used to the mountains, climbs, the thin air is something else. Each day gets better as your legs, lungs, etc. Acclimated to the environment. I'm working at Pp this week, and next week (Tuesday - Saturday) I will be heading to interbike to check out all the cool 2007 products, bikes, and famous cycling people. I'll take some tech seminar's and see some world premier videos coming out like New World disorder 7. I can't wait! Along for the ride is Tre' Haydel, and Brad Champagne. I hope we don't get in to much trouble...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Today's a wash with last nights rain and this morning too. We decided to return the rental bikes and U-haul. We are sitting down stares watching the Pathway to 911 movie. What a great week this has been.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

We it's late again, I'm exhausted. We rode 21 miles with over 3,000 feet of climbing at around 8,000 Ft of elevation. The air is thinner and harder to breath. We rode with a couple of new guys, one was Bob, he's 58 years old. 6'4'' weighing 200 lbs. Looks are very deceiving, and as Bob took off up the hill leading, talking to me for a while, he just rode me off his wheel. We would re-group at cross roads. The changing of the leaves on the ground and trees are breath taking to say the least. Just look at the pics. Quite a change from the desert. Park City Utah kinda reminds me of home with all the trees and stuff minus the killer climbs, did I say we climbed of 3,000 Ft. at high altitude!

The other guy we rode with was Stan, He's a really smart guy, Stan help develop a lot of trails here and we road a few today, very nice. Stan also has skills and climbing abilities that will hurt you in the end. We would climb up for a long time, drop down a ways, and climb right back up some more. It went on like this all day long. Stan also has developed paved trails around town for bikes and pedestrians. I wish Baton Rouge would get a hint. Park City is very well built for fitness and staying active. Their is so much you can do here.

We stopped to eat after the ride today at Redrock, wile eating their it started raining, then kinda snowing. It rained pretty good today and tonight. I hope the trails will be rideable tomorrow, will see...

Lets see, it's always way to late to be writing this blog (12:15 AM). What are you going to do when you ride all day long... We rode Mormon flat trail, with big round rocks, and a slow climb (took us 1 hour 30 minutes of steady climbing). Buddy says there's a little surprise at the end. Besides the beautiful view, he neglected to tell us the last part is 18%+ grade(very steep).
We had a casualty today, Eric Chapman separated his shoulder on the down hill descent. Get well soon Chapy! I'm tired, I'll get back to this one. Enjoy the pics, We found some north shore bridge stuff too!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

it's late, 12:15 AM Wednesday I think? We rode Gemini bridge today and was about 16 miles back to camp site. The fun thing about this trail is it's on a fire road down hill for about 14 miles! Fast, what, my computer said 40 mph! The trail had a lot of sand, rocks, switch backs and a killer 2 mile climb at the end. Brett Putnam and I where climbing strong, swapping pulls up front trying to drop each other, at one part of the climb, it was at about 29% grade, and it hurt. We survived and waited at the top for Eric Chapman, Phil Putnam, and Buddy Ritchie before descending at a way to fast pace, big rocks, wash outs and sandy switch backs at top speed. Tre' would be proud. As I get towards the bottom of the mountain, it's Brett right behind me and with Eric a minute later kicking up some dust on us. We all had these big grins on our face because we all cheated death once again. I am at awe how every trail is in its own and is different from each other. Man, I love this place. Tomorrow morning (6 AM) we leave for Park City Utah to ride some trails right out of buddy Ritchie's back yard. Some people are so lucky. I should have better access to the net their to give some more details of the trip. Until then, enjoy the picks!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I finally found some internat connection in Moab. This place is cycling heaven. I never seen so many cyclist in one spot. You would have thought it was a national race here. The would has found Moab trails. It's not really crowded on the trails. In about 50 miles of trails, we only came up to a few people so for. The town and bike shop rentals are busy. I will try to get back tonight with more info. Until then,

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well, it's midnight, I'm still packing, The Intense is boxed and ready. Now, just the cloths and stuff. I have to get up at 4AM to make a 6AM flight! What am I doing still up? Nervus I guess. Brad fixed this blog and so for a little while I might be hit and miss until I get used to the controls. Well, back to packing...

Friday, September 08, 2006

This is something new we are going to try here at Pedal Play Bicycles. I should be able to update this blog from any computer anywheres in the world, and I plan on using it to keep you guys up to date on things like the Moab Utah trip as well as a day to day update from Interbike 2007! Also from time to time i will post new and archived pictures of all things bikes, for starters heres a picture of Brad, my freind and webmaster (360 over the spine)... Matt cant do that!