Wednesday, April 14, 2010

come on out to Hooper Road this Sunday

I know there are alot of you here who find occassion to ride some dirt. If you have not been in awhile, come on out to Hooper Road this Sunday. Weather alleged to be great! Trail in great shape! Get out there a grab you a root!

Pre-register on or show up for 8AM.
Online Registration is live:

BREC's Hooper Rd Bike Trails
6261 Guynell Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70811

First Timers- Men, Women and Children: 1 Lap- $20
Beginners- Men, Beginners- Women: 2 Laps- $25
Sport-Men, Sport-Women: 4 Laps- $25
Expert-Men, Expert-Women: 5 Laps- $25

Check In/Race Day Registration will be at 8 am. Races will begin at 9 am. Volunteers will be needed on the course as well as for timing. Please email Jason Hoggatt at to volunteer and please specify whether you would like to help time or man a spot on the trail.

Discussion also available here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Cruisin’ The Bayou” in Thibodaux

For those who want to do a century or metric this weekend you can do “Cruisin’ The Bayou” in Thibodaux. The website is below and a flyer is attached.

Peter Giambrone

"Pave the Levee Public Input Meeting"

"Pave the Levee Public Input Meeting" tomorrow.

Event: Pave the Levee Public Input Meeting
Start Time: Tomorrow, April 14 at 6:30pm
End Time: Tomorrow, April 14 at 8:30pm
Where: Bluebonnet Branch Library, 9200 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Baton Rouge

2010 MS Gran Prix Team Geaux Race Cat 5 Report

2010 MS Gran Prix Team Geaux Race Cat 5 Report
Road Race
Kevin, Gregg, Rupert and Chris L. aka “747 Jumbo Jet” participated in the Cat 5 road race on Saturday morning. After a good warm up we waited for the start, which happened to be on top of a hill. The race began and 75 racers accelerated from 0 to 30 mph in about a minute, Kevin was the only team member to stay in the front of the pack. Gregg, me and Rupert were at the back of the pack when in the first 2 miles a large crash of carbon fiber, aluminum and riders hit the pavement blocking the entire road. Gregg, Rupert and I made it through unharmed but we lost the leaders and never would see them again. The rest of the race for us was uneventful until the town of Wesson where the arrows marking the course got us confused with the arrows marking the circuit race. The rider in front of Gregg actually turned around to head the opposite direction, which made Gregg do the same then we figured it out and continued in the right direction. On the second big climb of the race, Gregg was able to drop me and eventually catch and pass a couple of other riders prior to the finish. I continued on to the finish by myself as did Rupert who was a few minutes behind me. Kevin maintained his position with the lead pack and was able to sprint to a 11th place finish, great job Kevin!
We had hoped to stay with the main pack longer to learn some things but the crash prevented that and taught us a valuable lesson, stay in front of the pack if possible. We plan to increase our training to better our chances of hanging on when the pack surges.
Time Trial
Saturday afternoon found us warming up on the 3 mile time trial course, which was actually pretty nice with some gradual ups and downs. Rupert went off first, then me, Kevin and Gregg at 30 second intervals. At about half way through the race I was closing the distance on Rupert, which I later found out was having back issues. At about 2 K to go Kevin passed me then a few seconds later the rider that started behind Gregg flew by me at about 35 mph. Kevin passed Rupert in the last few meters but the fast guy passed both of them, which meant he passed up all four of our team riders for a 2 minute gain! That guy went on to post a 6.08 winning time. Kevin averaged 24.4 mph for the race, Gregg 23, Chris 22.2 and Rupert 21.5, great job by all.
Circuit Race
The circuit race course was a 1 mile trek through a community college campus with one gradual climb, one short steep climb and a few downhill’s. The course was actually pretty fast and not too tight. The start field was less than 40 riders, which was good. Team Geaux Race started to the back as the leaders again pushed the pace very fast at the beginning of the race. Gregg, Rupert and I fell off the back and after a few laps we exited the course and watched the race from the sidelines. Kevin fell from the lead group but hung in to finish the race. The final sprint of the 10 or so riders in the lead pack resulted in a 2 rider crash; both were bruised but walked away.

Overall Kevin finished 18th out of the 75 riders that started, great job!

Lessons Learned
1. Stay in front of the pack if you can.
2. Increase interval training to be able to hang when the pack surges, i.e. training races.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Red Bug Hill Challenge, May 1, 2010

Get ready for the RED BUG HILL CHALLENGE on Saturday, May 1, 2010!

Start and finish will be at Mike and Marie Rourke's farm on Hwy. 421 in St. Francisville.

ALL proceeds from this ride will benefit people in Louisiana with Spina Bifida. The ride is held in memory of our son Jordy, born in 1987 with Spina Bifida, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack in May 2008.

Rides of 20, 40, and 60 miles, as well as a 1-mile fun run, will wind through the rolling hills of West Feliciana Parish and end on "Red Bug Hill."

There will be an optional time trial up "Red Bug Hill," (the Challenge). Age group awards and extra raffle tickets will be given for those who participate in the Challenge. Drawings will be held for thousands of dollars worth of bikes and merchandise after the ride.

Join us for food, drink, music, and the raffle after the ride. Hope to see you there!

Marie and Mike Rourke

To register, go to:

Bicycle Pace Line Etiquette


The weather should still be nice for Thursday at 4:30, hope to see you there.

On another note, I received some complaints about the ride I missed on Tuesday, it seems that there were several violations of pace line etiquette taking place. I think this is indicative of a large group of mixed skill riders so I'm proposing some guidelines for this ride. Please pass this along to those that ride with us that aren't on the email list.

What I would like to propose is that we have sections of the ride for ramping up the speed as well as sections for regrouping. Basically, we need to regroup after we make turns then slowly ramp the speed up following pace line etiquette until the group chooses to slow down or make another turn. If you want to do intervals, please drop out of the pace line and do your thing then return to the pace line if you so desire. The goal is to keep the pace line safe, together as much as possible and moving fast.

If the group keeps growing the way it has been we may have to double pace line to keep from getting too spread out. If this occurs, please follow the pace line etiquette but roll out to the right if you are in the right line and to the left if you are on the left line. Allow room for the riders rolling out to drop back.

Please read the attached Pace Line Etiquette file or visit the link to learn more about pace line riding. Below are 4 key areas I would like everyone to know.

Ride at an even speed when leading. Hold the speed of the rider that just gave up the lead until he has time to get on the back then increase speed gradually if you want to. If you are too tired or weak to do your turn at the front of the pace line, don’t pull at the front. Just rotate smoothly through without disrupting the group's pace.
No sudden movements by any single rider, this can be disastrous. This means that abrupt braking, swerving, and any type of erratic riding is always a dangerous, poor technique.
Do not brake or soft pedal at the front of a pace line, this causes the ripple in the “train” behind you.
Keep pedaling as you move off the front. Don't stop or slow your cadence until the following rider has begun to pull through. Don’t drag race the overtaking rider. When the overtaking rider has pulled up adjacent to you, then drop your cadence not your gearing and fall back.

Happy Riding,

Chris LeMoine

3rd Annual Back to the Bogue mtn bike race

Hey guys, just a reminder the 3rd Annual Back to the Bogue mtn bike race is a week away! We have a great course this year, good (warmer) weather, and a very competitive field!

For more info check out:
Save time, Pre-Register Now!!

Hope to see you guys in Mobile next Sunday!

Mobile Velo