Wednesday, October 31, 2012

USA Cycling Local Associations summit meeting

LAMBRA Racers: I have attached the agenda for the USA Cycling Local Associations summit meeting that Michael Humphreys and I will be attending this weekend. There is always a lot of discussion at these meetings and I would appreciate hearing from you about any issues in which you are particularly interested. I am sure there will be much talk about how USAC might work with USADA to become more proactive in the anti-doping arena, how we can improve the racing experience for new riders, etc. We will be scheduling the annual LAMBRA meeting soon, so please also take some time to discuss with your clubs the events that you might wish to get onto the LAMBRA calendar for 2013, changes in the LCCS points competition, etc. We’ll send out a notice as soon as we are ready to begin putting together the LAMBRA planning calendar so we can see where there are conflicts and get them resolved as early as possible. Thanks, Randy. ______________________________________ Randall Legeai President, Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Assn. 504-228-5891

Heart of Louisiana: The Beast Heart of Louisiana: The Beast It seems a bit out of place in Louisiana, but some biking enthusiasts say one of the best trails for mountain biking is in the Bayou State. In fact the twists and turns and ups and downs of the trail

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sasquatch Stampede MTB Race this weekend

Sasquatch Stampede! This Sunday in a gorgeous time of year at Lake Kincaid outside of Alexandria will be the next in the Louisiana State Championship XC series (LAXC). more info - Free Jambalaya, hand-crafted awards, payout for Cat 1 racers, and Sasquatch jerseys for other winners! Come out and beat these guys (race action starts at 1:19): Sasquatch Stampede!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

stolen bike...
This is a 1990 silver Volvo similar to the one involved in hit and run of Travis Hill Tue 6:15 pm Convention and 19th per eye witness. White male driver.

Can't we all just get along...

looking for this silver volvo... LSU cyclists are leaving from the clock tower on campus at 6:00 pm today to pedal around town looking for this silver volvo. All are welcome to join, but please bring helmets and lights. If you do see a suspicious silver Volvo with possible front end damage, call the BRPD at 225-389-2000. Cyclist seriously injured from hit and run crash in downtown | WVLA NBC33 | Baton Rouge News, Weathe Baton Rouge News from WVLA Your source for local news, weather and sports for Baton Rou...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cardboard bicycle

"biking event to rase funds for his care"

Jimmy Giessler, who rented a mountain bike and rode with his son in a park in Austin, Texas. The front wheel came off and he did an endo over the handle bars and broke his neck. He is now a quadriplegic and takes a lot of care. They are having a biking event to rase funds for his care. Please sign up, participate, or donate if you can. Please forward this to anybody who may be interested.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hunting Season

A reminder that is applicable to a lot of the trails around our area. Hunting season is kicking off with squirrel season opening this Sat. October 6th. 1. Please wear orange or bright colors when mountain biking outside a recreation area. 2. Make noise or announce yourself when you come upon a hunter to alert them you a biker. 3. Hunters can hunt anywhere outside a recreation area. Basically, if you ride outside the Kincaid campground loop you aren't in the recreation area. The USFS maps show the recreation areas. 4. Hunters need to be 150 yards from the trail when hunting and can not shoot across the roads and trails. 5. If you come upon a hunter avoid conflict and give the District office a call if you find hunters violating these regulations. 318-793-9427.

Friday, October 05, 2012

QDS Systems Track Omnium, Oct 27-28

Greetings, The LSU Cycling club is excited to announce the QDS Systems track omnium happening on Oct. 27-28. Dig up that old track bike, glue on some new tires, and get out there for some left turning action! Here's what you'll want to know: Saturday evening + Sunday Morning Sessions Scratch, Points, Chariot, Miss & Out, 200m, Kilo(Men), 500m(Women) Omnium Points for your best 5 events. There will be Jambalaya on Saturday. Payout! Here's the link to the flyer with all the details: See you out there! D. Drewes LSU Cycling