Wednesday, October 31, 2012

USA Cycling Local Associations summit meeting

LAMBRA Racers: I have attached the agenda for the USA Cycling Local Associations summit meeting that Michael Humphreys and I will be attending this weekend. There is always a lot of discussion at these meetings and I would appreciate hearing from you about any issues in which you are particularly interested. I am sure there will be much talk about how USAC might work with USADA to become more proactive in the anti-doping arena, how we can improve the racing experience for new riders, etc. We will be scheduling the annual LAMBRA meeting soon, so please also take some time to discuss with your clubs the events that you might wish to get onto the LAMBRA calendar for 2013, changes in the LCCS points competition, etc. We’ll send out a notice as soon as we are ready to begin putting together the LAMBRA planning calendar so we can see where there are conflicts and get them resolved as early as possible. Thanks, Randy. ______________________________________ Randall Legeai President, Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Assn. 504-228-5891

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