Monday, October 08, 2012

Hunting Season

A reminder that is applicable to a lot of the trails around our area. Hunting season is kicking off with squirrel season opening this Sat. October 6th. 1. Please wear orange or bright colors when mountain biking outside a recreation area. 2. Make noise or announce yourself when you come upon a hunter to alert them you a biker. 3. Hunters can hunt anywhere outside a recreation area. Basically, if you ride outside the Kincaid campground loop you aren't in the recreation area. The USFS maps show the recreation areas. 4. Hunters need to be 150 yards from the trail when hunting and can not shoot across the roads and trails. 5. If you come upon a hunter avoid conflict and give the District office a call if you find hunters violating these regulations. 318-793-9427.

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