Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi Everybody,

MORE GREAT NEWS from Melissa Guilbeau, Urban Transportation Coordinator,
Infrastructure Planning Division, of the Department of Public Works:

Not only do our reports of physical problems or safety issues with roads, lanes
and paths (or the lack thereof), really matter, but if DPW receives a more detailed report from a citizen, which Melissa refers to as a Condition Assessment, it is EVEN MORE LIKELY to lead to MORE IMMEDIATE ACTION. So YOU have the VERY REAL OPPORTUNITY to be an INSTRUMENT for POSITIVE CHANGE!

Melissa also mentioned in another email, that DPW welcomes the helps of volunteers to do these condition assessments, because it increases their ability to discover problems and develop plans to respond to them. You are actually giving DPW the INFORMATION and AMMUNITION that they need to improve YOUR RIDE!

So where do YOU ride? What problem(s) with your route(s) really concern you? As soon as you have a little extra time to spare, do the following when you go out to ride:

1) Bring paper and pen with you.

2) Ride your route in "pieces". Note EVERYTHING (or the lack of) about each section that is a safety problem. Do this in stages for you entire ride.

3) Write up your detailed condition assessment, carefully noting the exact location(s) you are referring to, and email it to: "Melissa Guilbeau" MGuilbeau@brgov.com

4) Go into the system, at https://brgov.com/apps/crs/ to generate a report number. Refer to the letter that you are sending Melissa in the comments section. This will be a record of your Condition Assessment.

Voila! YOU ROCK! And hopefully, many riders and citizens will benefit from your efforts.

Of course, if what you have time to do is make a quick call to 3-1-1 or (225) 389-3090, to report one particular thing, YOU STILL ROCK! cuz every report is helpful to DPW in assessing where improvements are needed.

My Condition Assessment is on the bottom of this post. Not anything great, but it might give you a few ideas. :-)

Safe Riding, Sam

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