Friday, March 22, 2013

tragic death of Frank J. Bercegeay...

Tommy Martinez spoke about the tragic death of Frank J. Bercegeay at the Parish council meeting but then pivoted to talk about efforts to pave the levee to, "give you a place to ride." Yes, bikes are great for recreation and we want to encourage that. We ALSO need to encourage complete streets throughout the area where we - our families, friends, and neighbors - can use a bike when we need or want to go to the store, school, work, or visit friends. Ascension needs to act before more people are killed. Please go to the link below to Mr. Martinez know you support bikes in ALL of Louisiana. Feel free to cut and paste the above paragraph. Why does this matter to you if you don't live in Ascension? As Baton Rouge and surrounding areas continue to grow we become more connected and drivers who drive in Ascension, Livingston, etc. drive in Baton Rouge, West Feliciana, East Feliciana, etc. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities are not only for the city. You can avoid 'problem areas' all you want but they will not avoid you. If you ride River Road you've seen the increase in traffic due to the casino and it's only going to get worse if drivers and city officials do not learn to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. Only when we can change the car culture of the entire area will we truly have safer roads and complete streets.

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