Monday, August 11, 2008

Kirk Carbo gets 3rd.!

Here's the Story,

This was my first season to race. I developed tendonitis in my knee after the Rouge Roubaix, so I didn't enter any races until the Lambra USCF Criteium Championships in New Orleans on July 20th. It was my first crit and my goal for the race, as stated by my race director/wife, was not to crash. It was a very technical course and more difficult than any time trial I had done. My wife congratulated me at the end of the crit, all smiles. She told me she was very proud of me. When I asked how I placed, she sort and winced and said, "I think you were last".

Next on the schedule was the LaVuelta De Acadian Stage Race in Lafayette. After my experience in New Orleans, I talked racing tactics with Scott and Chris at Pedal Play, my training partner Jerry Simone and anyone else I could find. Basically stay close to the front and everything will be fine.

The thirty two mile road race was Saturday morning on a sixteen mile loop with long straight stretches of road. We started out with Ed Novak's NOBC team doing most of the work. There was another team from Texas, but they didn't do much. The pace was slow most of the way until the final sprint. I latched onto one of the NOBC guys on the outside of the pack, trying to avoid the mounting congestion in the middle, as we approached the final sprint. As we started to accelerate, I saw a problem developing in the middle of the pack. I said to myself, time to get out of here. As I accelerated past everyone on the left side I heard a crash. I looked up with about a hundred meters to go and I was in third place.

The time trial was that same afternoon at 4pm. The course was 3.75 miles straight out into a hot headwind. I got 4th in the time trial. I was 2nd in the GC at the end of the day with my weakest event, the crit, coming up on Sunday morning.

The crit course was much easier than the course in New Orleans. I stayed about mid pack most of the race and led out the last lap for NOBC stretching the field. They caught me at the last turn before the sprint. Ed Novak was very appreciative for the lead out, since he won the crit. You're welcome Ed. I finished 10th in the crit picking up enough points to finish 4th in the GC.

I received a 3rd place medal for the road race finish. So I finally got to "bring home the chrome" as my running buddies used to say. Thanks to Scott and Chris at Pedal Play for keeping the bike up and the racing tips.

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