Thursday, August 21, 2008

BMX makes its long-awaited Olympic debut

BEIJING (AP)-The theme from "Rocky" and AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blared from speakers as Chinese cheerleaders and breakdancers gyrated along. Outside, plenty of people without tickets tried desperately to talk their way in, just to be part of it all. The stands were filled with fans, cheering for every jump, gasping with every crash.

The BMX world had never seen this before. The sport finally had reached the Olympics.

And for those who had never seen it, American racers Mike Day and Kyle Bennett showed exactly what BMX is about.

Day put on a display of dominance, winning the time trial and each of his three quarterfinal heats to cruise into the semifinals. Bennett moved on as well, but paid a huge price, dislocating his left shoulder after a nasty wreck in his final heat.

Welcome to BMX, where anything can happen.

"We're all excited to be here," Day said. "It's a huge step

BMX makes its long-awaited Olympic debut
By TIM REYNOLDS, AP Sports Writer Aug 20, 3:16 am EDT

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