Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did Whitney Van of Channel 2 Really Say That?

Dear Whitney,
As a avid cyclist and Dutch woman living in Baton Rouge, I send you this link.
May be you will see how backward Baton Rouge is considering bicycling and may be you could make a program about ; ' Cycling and how a group of smart Baton Rougians, the rest of America and the world sees it'.
As a kid growing up in the Netherlands we had to do a (cycling) driving test in order to ride your bicycle and the children still have to do this. It is a written test and driving test like you have to do in order to drive a car (May be an idea for the USA).Car drivers also get educated about bicycles and how to use the road together. There are rules for both and they both have rights.
I hope you can do something with this information,
Don't understimate your power as an media person, use it the right way.

Bibi Wolke

OK Ladies and Gents, if you've been an armchair quarterback, it's time to put those computer keys of yours to good use! Whitney Vann is considering doing a story, focusing on the safety issues related to River Road. She wants to explore the problems and work toward positive solutions. THIS STORY NEEDS TO HAPPEN! The more people weigh in on this matter, the more likely the story is to happen. And ultimately, the GOAL is that more public awareness will lead to better understanding of the issues all travelers of River Road facing, and most important, FUNDING of the PHYSCIAL IMPROVEMENTS, create or widen shoulders, paint for dedicated bike lanes and enforcements of traffic laws and speed limits. YOUR active participation is NEEDED: EMAIL WHITNEY and the management of Channel 2, and encourage them to continue the dialogue by doing this story!..., ,,,, We must not let the death of another cyclist be in vain, without pushing hard for real change.....Don't just read this. Get Involved!

Hi All, This story ran again this morning, and will run again today
on the noon new cast.

Please DO go to the website link and post your comments:


This is the story that WBRZ did on bike paths (or the lack of) in Baton
Rouge. I did not see the segment, did Ms. Van make her comment after this
segment? If so this is an editorial comment and we can demand equal time to
respond to her comments. I would suggest for the President of Baton Rouge
Bike Club to contact WBRZ and request for for equal time to responded to Ms.
Van comments.

Baton Rouge needs to be educate on cycling.

With the price of gas local bike shops are selling a record number of bikes
but I do not see an increased of bikes on the roads. Are people buying
bikes to ride to work but are to afraid to because of local traffic?


Please send your E-Mails not only to Whitney but also to the Management of WBRZ also.


Please respond to note below. Let's flood Whitney Van of Channel 2


Well, I am furious. Whitney Van on ch. 2 just said on the early 5am
news, "why are the cyclist on river road when they have a perfectly
good bike path on top of the levee?" She complained that the cyclist
were taking up the road, while traffic was "50 cars deep." It is
attitudes such as this that kill cyclist. I am writing a letter to
channel 2 and the Advocate, hopefully later today when I am not so
mad. I need to know exactly how far does the levee bike path go. I
thought it was only 3 miles. Does anyone know for sure how far it is?

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