Monday, June 09, 2008

On the way home Tre' Haydal called me ask me if I knew of this guy who drove this vehicle, road this kind of bike, color, etc. I could not remember the customer or fellow rider. As soon as I got home I checked the bicycle forums and BR TRI's Susan Haydan and Taylor Alexander posted the accident. Here is what they said:

I'm sorry to report that a rider was killed on River Road today while riding his bike. He was a 3rd year general surgery resident, Colin Didier (spelling?).

Bobby Upp called me to say he was pronounced dead at the hospital. His fellow residents and friends are very sad.

I will post more when details on his funeral/services are announced or I find out more about the accident.


Tre Haydel met Chris & me as we were about to ride upon the scene this evening. I went on. Chris wouldn't. It was the most chilling site I've ever seen--a red TT bike mangled beyond recognition. I can't imagine what it did to Colin.

Tre spoke with the Police and they did tell him that the driver was foolin' around with his radio and accidentally hit the cyclist. It happened right by the volunteer fire station on the back side of the split where we stop to get water sometimes.

Pray, pray, pray for that family tonight and for a long time to come.

This accident happened just two days from the six year anniversary that killed two of my 
friends on a training race on river road...

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