Thursday, November 29, 2007

We are having another Tour of New Orleans this Sunday, 7:00AM. Starting place is the far right corner of the Audubon Zoo parking lot. The course will be the same (53 miles) and there will be (hopefully) wood across the gravel before the train bridge at the end of Almonaster, so no walking. Some of the more hard core riders asked to make the course longer, which we can discuss as we get out there. We can possibly ride past the NASA facility in case any of you have never seen a rocket ship. Also, Poland avenue might be an alternative to go through the 9th Ward instead of up the new part of Almonaster like we did last time. Anyway, here's the course unchanged:

Bring money for coffee or biegnets. We will also discuss making this a weekly or every-other-week event as well as discussing conflicts with the Northshore ride.


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