Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Taylor Alexander wrote:
Jairo Álvarez, my friend and outstanding senior cyclist from Baton Rouge has recently published his biography titled No Such Thing as Impossible. I enjoyed the book so much and wanted to share some information about it.

This memoir chronicles Jairo’s life, which starts on a potato farm in the mountains of Colombia. Jairo worked his way up the ranks of the Army to become a lieutenant member of the elite Presidential Guard in the early 1960s protecting his President from the rebels who sought to overthrow his government.

At 25 years old Jairo was forced to leave the country he loved. He landed in Miami with one hundred dollars in his wallet, unable to speak a word of English.

Jairo learned to speak the language and within a few years, he graduated with honors from the Albany Business College.

Today, this U.S. Citizen is a millionaire philanthropist who builds the St. Jude’s Dream Home each year. He is also an Olympic gold medalist in cycling and a cancer survivor.

To honor the memory of his parents and help his country of origin he’s designated all royalties from the book to charity organizations in Columbia.
Check it out: http://www.nosuchthingasimpossible.com/

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