Friday, February 15, 2013

trail maintenance volunteers

Attention all trail maintenance volunteers: I am keeping a spreadsheet with a total of TM hours by person and date. I only have records from the sign-in sheet from the BREC-BRAMBA work days. So,... 1) If you show up to BREC work day, please sign the waiver/sign-in form so that the club can accurately track volunteer hours. At the Jan event I had only 11 names but 14 or 15 showed up. 2) If you do significant trail work outside of TM days, please send me an email with date, hours worked, a description of the work project, and photos of "before" and "after". I do NOT troll on FB day and night so if you post your work but do not notify me I may miss your post. Thank you and I hope to see a good turnout to our next TM day Saturday, Feb 26th, 9:00 AM at Hooper. Yvette Woodward

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