Monday, August 20, 2012

12 hours of Stanky Creek Stanky Creek Cycling We were asked to come up with a team preem for the 12 hours of Stanky Creek. Well here it is..... The team/club (Los Locos, JMR, WnW, Memphis Velo, Biker's Choice, SCC, etc.......) that has the most pre-registered riders gets a case of Ghost River on us. Rules: 1) Riders have to be pre-registered by the 9/28/12 late fee deadline. Any riders registered after 9/28/12 will not count toward preem. 2) Riders have to be an actual member of the team/club, not just a friend who has a kit or who you talk into adding your team name to their registration. Cheaters will owe the actual winning team an additional case of Ghost River. 3) You have to share a beer with Mr Stank!! Now go out there and get them signed up!!

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