Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Ride & 5 K Hosted by Bayou Country Cyclists (the Green Team)Bayou Runners This Sunday is the Hopp's Hope ride down near Houma, a benefit for Scott Hoppmeyer who was critically injured while riding his bike down in Bayou country. Scott is a handfull of life and spirit and it would go a long way to his recovery if you were to show up and ride. Scott made it a point to attend almost every Time Trial in the area and was talking about making the leap into road racing when his accident happened. A year before the accident, Scott adopted an abused and discarded puppy that was stuck in and almost drowned in the 17th Street Canal. Since his accident, "Gracie" has had to find other accommodations. If you ever met him, you'd know that Scott is a hell of a guy, a man's man who drives a Corvette and enjoys all the good, simple things that come with a successful life. He's been generous with his time and is always eager to guide new athletes. Now he needs our help. Just show up and ride. Proceeds go to the Southeast Spinal Cord Injury Fund in honor of Scott Hoppmeyer. Visit: Kenny

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