Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Lakefront 4-person Team Time Trial.. COUNTDOWN!!!

You now have only 10 days to get your team together! The first ever Lakefront 4-man Team Time Trial is coming up and time is running short. Everything you're used to will be the same, except it will all be completely different. We'll be using the long course (10.6 miles) and starting at the same time and place (Kona Cafe). We may start a little early depending on the readiness of me and the teams. People ask me every week "oh, I thought we start at 6?". No, I say in every e-mail I ever send, get there at 6, first rider/team off at 6:30. This Lakefront TTT will probably be used by many teams as a "dress rehearsal" for the LAMBRA TTT Championships the following weekend. If you are a Tri-athlete or a cyclist, you should consider doing both of these events, it'll really test your limits and make you a faster rider on your own. Follow cars might be allowed as well (for safety and video). We'll have mixed teams, Women's teams and Men's teams categories as well as any man/duck or other husbandry combinations that might show up.

Also, I'll need a few volunteers for numbering teams, driving follow vehicles, start line help and especially finish line "pickers". Bring binoculars if you have them.

Here's an interesting view of a team training for such an event. Notice the yellow car that hits them with a water bottle at 3:15. Wiggins flipped his wig. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUEyBjV2eeA

Wednesday, August 17th 6:00pm (First team off at 6:30)
Rider meeting at the Kona Cafe time clock at 6:10.
Course is the entire length of Lakeshore Drive (10.6 miles).
Starting intervals between teams will be 1 minute. This is subject to change as well, depending on the number of teams.
Times will be recorded on the 3rd rider across the line. This is subject to change to 2nd person, we're still mulling it over since the course is kind of short. But this is a 4-man TTT and just dropping 2 people in the first 2 miles defeats the purpose of team work. However, we don't want to slow anyone down. We want your fastest times!

Please read:
**As always, this is an unsanctioned, unfunded, uninsured, non-event on open roads with free flowing traffic. You are subject to all traffic laws and the rules or the road. You are riding at your own risk with 3 other people who are doing the same. Look at any video of the Tour de France TTT's and you'll see how difficult these events can be. Please be careful and finish safely and on two wheels.
Please don't stand in the road at the finish line. We missed a rider last time because of the crowd that overflowed onto the finish line.

Flier for the LAMBRA TTT Championship in Labadieville is here: http://www.lambra.org/calendar/2011/lambra_TTT_2011.pdf

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