Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Red Bug Hill Challenge for Spina Bifida is Thursday, May 14, 2011

The Red Bug Hill Challenge for Spina Bifida is Thursday, May 14, 2011.

The event includes cycling routes of 5, 20, 40, and 60 miles, a 5K trail run, and a 1-mile fun run. There is also an optional time trial on West Feliciana's famous
"Red Bug Hill."

Pre registration on www.active.com/running/saint-francisville-la/red-bug-hill-challenge-2011 ends at midnight, Thursday, May 12, 2011. Registriation is available on the day of the event, but it will be an extra $10.00 for cycing and $5.00 for running.

Hope to see you there!

Marie and Mike Rourke

P.S. We've had several inquiries about the Mississippi River flooding that is occuring. There is no danger that our location or routes will be affected by the rising of the river.

Mr. Rourke,

I wish to participate in the 5K trail run plus the Red Bug Hill Challenge. If I pay the registration fee for the 5K, do I also have to pay an additional registration fee to be eligible for the Red Bud Hill Challenge. Also, how long and steep is this Hill?
Do you not have some on-line photos of it?

Roy H.

Hi, Roy,

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE to participate in the Red Bug Hill Challenge.

I'm going to quote for you what an experienced cyclist commented about Red Bug Hill:

Red Bug is at least .311mi. start to finish line-- or about 560yds ( I think IF I did the math correct??) with shorts sections of 3-6-8% (just my judging here) the first 200-260 ft. are some "what" flat & the last 200-260ft. /past/over the top are flat-- finish line is NOT at the summit (close but another 200ft or so I think.

An average senior citizen recreation rider from a "standing start"--- will take about 1min 12sec to 1min 15sec.(some better) depending on how high there fitness level is at the time.

For an event like this (RED BUG) 560yards & a "standing start "will favor those with high neuromuscular force/power one of the very FEW times that raw strength could have a impact on race results & those with a very high anaerobic capacity & then being able to transition (little drop off in power ) smoothly to Vo-2 max until the finish.

Which one are YOU?

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Marie and Mike Rourke

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