Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office, protesting for the owners actions

Dear friend:

Re: Parking in Bluff Meadows Drive, Bluff Meadows Subdivision.

One of the most precious assets we have in USA as citizens is that we have rights and they are respected. We should not allowed a couple guys, possible full of envy and ego, prohibit us the use a public street. That is not correct and we should protest.

If we give up simple and basics rights we end up like in other countries, where the chaos is the law. If we permit this type of abuses the next step we will see a guy coming out with a gun in his hand requesting us to get out, give up our rights or accept the consequences. We will have not other choice. That is no right, IT IS A MATHER OF PRINCIPLES AND WE NEED TO ACT.

I want you to know I did check all the records on this property. Bluff Meadows drive is a public street maintained by the city parish. The POA hast to reform the by laws and do the legal process to make a private subdivision. To begin with they have to maintain the streets and make it gated.

Will you please send a note to: Mr. Jeff Wiley - Administrator - Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office, protesting for the owners actions. at:

By the way the signs are not in private property, They are in the city property. THEY CAN HAVE SIGNS PROHIBITING PARKING ON THE LOTS ONLY, but that is nor our case.

I am sure it does not help if you indicate you are a cyclist. Just write him and ask for respect for the rights of the Parish and Its Citizens.

Please see copy of the e-mail I sent to Mr. Wiley. Pass this message to your friends.



Mr. Jeff Wiley - Administrator - Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office.
Re: Restricted parking on PUBLIC STREET

Dear Mr. Willey:
On the public street off of Alligator Bayou Rd. by hwy 928, some neighbors had decided to set several NO PARKING SIGNS, prohibiting the regular use of a public street. In addition these signs were installed in the city property. ( right of the way)
Will you please order to remove this signs as soon as possible. No one is allowed to take out the city and citizens rights.


Jairo Alvarez ( cell. 225-413-9774 )


Jairo Alvarez

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