Thursday, April 23, 2009

Colin Goodier Protection Act Bill

Attached is the bill in its pre-filed form. It's even more than we asked for--a HUGE accomplishment in itself! However, our work is far from done. After a lenghty conversation with Karen Mogridge, ED of Bike Walk MS, I realized we've got to keep the ball rolling. They have tried and failed three times to get a bicycle protection act passed. Let's keep focusing for just a few weeks longer Louisiana. Also, if we pass, it helps Mississippi's chances next year.

The next step is the House Transportation Sub-Committee. The date has not been named yet, but it will be important that voting members from these Representatives' areas be present when they discuss the bill as it's possible our presence will be announced.

Please look at the attached spreadsheet to see if you have a connection to any of the members, especially the Chair, Nita Rusich Hutter from St. Bernard Parish. She will lead the discussion and will have the power to direct the conversation in a positive direction. We NEED her on our side!

If you want to see more info about these members, go here:

If you and your family members have not written to your local house and senate seats, there is still plenty of time. Please take 5 minutes to write three e-mails.

Thanks, Taylor

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