Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Fall 2008 Velo! Velo! series - Velo Dendro Deux

The third and final ride of the Fall 2008 Velo! Velo! series - Velo Dendro Deux - rolls out Sunday, November 16.

Starting at Hilltop Arboretum riders will be accompanied by a noted dendrologist and others knowledgeable in the ways of the woods as we wind our way to Bluebonnet Swamp, Mt. Hope Plantation, and – if we're lucky – the BREC-LSU-BRAS Highland Road Park Observatory Bottomland Hardwood Forest Walking Trail. For most of these locations we will have exclusive access to the facilities while our touring dendrologists and horticulturalists tell us of the world we'll see.

We'll finish up at Hilltop Arboretum with food, music, and beverages. It looks like it will be a cool day so wear your woolies!

The online registration form may be accessed by clicking on this link.

Click here for the Fall 2008 Velo! Velo! rides mail-in form. Clicking on the link will open a PDF. Once you've opened it, print it out, fill it in, put the form with your check, money order, or cash in an envelope, and mail it to the address given. We'll take care of the rest.

Remember: the postal service is not always as speedy as we might like so, if you use this method to register, please allow plenty of time.

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