Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Baton Rouge Bike Club Spring Century

When: Sunday, May 18th
Where: West Feliciana Sports Park, St. Francisville
Single Registration: $25.00, Tandem Registration: $35.00.
Fee includes t-shirt to pre-registered riders, full SAG support,
lunch, and rest stops. Free one year membership in the Baton Rouge
Bike Club with participation.
Ride lengths: 25 miles (*8:30 am), 50 miles (*8:00 am), 62.5 miles
(*8:00 am), and 100 miles (*7:30 am). *Departure times.
Registration starts at 6:30 am.
Online Registration: www.active.com, Mail-in Registration on

Until yesterday, there was no official route, because we had to change it 3 times based on high water and downed trees. We made up the route as we painted arrows. I am calling it "Plan C"

When the maps are done, you will be the first to receive a copy. The routes take all the MOST scenic, the smoothest, and the lowest traffic roads. Every route has at least one SAG, and the distances are all AT LEAST as much as advertised.

Q=29 miles
H=51 miles
M=65 miles
C=101 miles

The H, M, & C all visit Lake Rosemound for the first SAG at mile 25
and travel the via the Solitude, Greenwood, Highland and Sligo roads. These routes depart the park north on US-61 to a left turn on LA-66.

M & C Routes take Harris Cornor, LA-967, and LA-421 to Near Jackson, Then LA-10, to LA-965, and SAG at Mary Brown Nature Center. From there, LA-966, Audubon Lane, LA-965 to US-61, and back to the WFSP.

The C route includes an out and back from LA-421 to the end of Peterson road at the closed bridge. (Where a SAG is located). It also includes a side trip through Jackson, and a ride on the Wilson Loop, using Dawson Road, LA-68, a SAG at Wilson, and return to Jackson on LA-952.

The H route leaves the M and C routes at Laurel Hill, and follows US-61 to LA-421, to experience new asphalt to Jones-Vaughn creek, then Sage Hill to Bains, Joe Daniel, and joins the M and C for the ride back to WFSP on LA-965

The Q route starts with the H, M, & C, but turns onto Bains at the schools, then Sage Hill, Jones-Vaughn Creek the easy way to LA-10. It then joins the M & C for the route to the Mary Brown SAG, but cuts off the LA-966/Audubon loop, and heads back to WFSP.

If you can't wait for the offical maps, get your favorite mapping program or GPS out and start plotting.



Visit http://www.batonrougebikeclub.com for a registration form

online at:


Registration also available Sunday, with table opening at 6:30 AM

West Feliciana Sports Park (WFSP) is located on US-61 north of St. Francisville, adjacent to the Magnolia Baptist Church.

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