Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please join us in wishing Jairo a very special 70th birthday! To commemorate this, you can be a part in one way or both ways.

First, we would like to have 70 riders start this ride. You may think this is impossible, but 36 showed up last weekend and as you know, nothing is impossible!

Secondly, there will be a 70-mile option that day for those would also like to do the distance

From Jairo: I have just been contacted by WAFB - CHANNEL 9. They are planning to send a crew to record the event. It is a great opportunity to promote our sport showing good assistance.

Goal: To complete 70 miles with the maximum number of cyclists. It is not a race against time. It is a fun ride for distance.

Start and Finish: Albertson's - Starbucks - corner of Burbank/Bluebonnet

Route: From start, to Nicholson Dr.- Gardere Ln. - River Rd.- Bayou Paul - Manchac Ln - Bayou Paul - River Road - Gummer's Lane - River Road - Gardere Ln. Return on River Rd. to the split and ride a loop on the right, Back to the Start. Total 70 miles.

Pace: 'Moderado'. 18-20 MH. Under no circumstances over 21/22.MH. Motorcycles will regulate speed.

It is time to welcome the 2008 season and get ready for Rouge-Roubaix VIII Road Race which is only 8 weeks away.

' If I can do it at 70, anybody under can do it!'

Have a safe and prosperous 2008 cycling year and remember, No Such Thing As Impossible.

Looking forward to seeing you Jan. 12th. Please pass this invitation to all your cyclist friends.

See you on the road.


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