Monday, September 17, 2007

Guru factory tour and 2008 line up of bikes!
I must say I am very impressed with Guru's factory! Their Bicycle production line is like a well oiled ceramic bearing, precise, with each guy knowing exactly what they have to do before or after their production phase, amazing, simply amazing! Guru's assembly line of how they make their bikes from scratch is likes Mom's home cooking, good to the last drop. They have 3 engineers on staff auto-cad your frame from your measurements, then picking the right tube stuck. Then mitering the angles, or hand laying up the carbon fiber, picking the right mold, resin content(carbons best is 70% carbon, 30% resin), the right pressure in the molds, the precise temperature to have all the carbon mono-cock and then joined together for a custom one off every time, perfection is what I saw! One welder welds the scandium or titanium, the welds are so smooth, beautiful, exact! the prep before the frame goes into paint is labor intense, and all the sanding in-between coats is why Guru has the best paint job in the business. The paint booth is made in Italy and cost Guru $50K just to move it to their current location 4 months ago. I can see a Ferrari being painted in this same booth. Can I say top of the line, spare no expense to produce in house the best bikes in the world! After the factory tour I put my money down on a custom Geneo Carbon frame set, wouldn't you?

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