Monday, August 27, 2007

I just received these awsome looking kits by M9. If anyone wants any one of these should speak up now.
Cycling clothing -
Reorders for cycling clothing only require a minimum of 20. If you only want tops, or only bottoms the minimum for either set is 20. If you want tops and bottoms, the minimum is 20 for each set (20 + 20).
Within the 20 minimum/set you can get 20 of the same item, or 10 of one item + 10 of another item (as long as the 2 item codes are both tops, or both bottoms).
After you meet the 20 minimum in a set (tops or bottoms) you can then order as few as 2 of any other item within the same set.
You don't have to order 20 skinsuits to get 1 skinsuit. Also, remember that 1 skinsuit counts as 1 top + 1 bottom. The most skinsuits you'd need to have is 10. And, if you meet the 20 in tops, for example with 10 jerseys + 10 vests, you could order as few skinsuits as necessary. We have in stock short sleeve jerseys in full zip and 3/4 zip.

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